Gräser, Blüten und Blätter - Plants

 Crocus, Burnaby, BC, Canada, Mar 2017 - F 7.1, 1/200 s, 1.5x 35 mm, ISO 200

Since my daughter was born last year my photography is a little bit on hold. At least the nature photography. I have countless pictures of my little girl. She was sleeping while walked her in her stroller around a neighborhood when I noticed the beautiful light on these crocuses. When she sleeps in her stroller it is always best to continue moving, otherwise she might wake up. Luckily I carried my 35 mm f/1.8 and my wife's Nikon D5300 so I quickly got this shot and continued walking.

 Arbutus menziesii, Mt Parke, Mayne Island, BC, Canada, Jan 2016 - F 4.5, 1/30 s, 1.5x 48 mm, ISO 250

Since living in Canada the Arbutus tree fascinates me. It seems so out of place between all the pine trees around here.
During a foggy hike on Mt Parke on Mayne Island I finally managed to capture its unique character.


  Pitcher Plant, Singapore, Singapore - F 4.5, 1/50 s, 1.5x 90 mm, ISO 640